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GBTF was born in 2012, following a near fatal asthma attack suffered by co-owner KnarlyDB.  With a fire in his heart for fashion and desire to transform his experience into a legacy, the Ohio born hustler teamed up with Cali-bred footwear editor & commentator Jazerai Lord in 2015, taking the business of blessing the fresh to the next level. 

Inspired by experience and powered by God, the two aim to use the avenue of fashion and creative expression to remind people to move authentically & stay blessed, whether they are trappin' out the bando or on Wall St. 

ain't no hill for a stepper.

GBTF x SNKRWRK Logo Steppers
17.00 27.00

SNKRWRK has teamed up with GBTF on this limited run of Logo Steppers for your soles, shipping Sept. 16th from SNKRWRK!  Available in two different sizes, Medium (shoe size 6-8 mens) and Large (shoe size 8-13).

Currently SHIPS FREE (hence the price drop!)!

Size selection available on the following page.

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As seen in XXL Freshman 2016 Style Guide


Featured by: XXL, Fabolous, UrbanInk Mag, Nitrolicious, MGK, Stalley & more.